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Maintenance of any electronic gadget plays a pivotal role in its error free functioning and better service life, this is where we step in.

Air Conditioner

Since the time of establishment Amit Aircone strives hard and ensures that all the diverse air conditioner product range that we deal into are functional and petty packed.

As a committed team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals, we make sure that we never let our customers down and put our reputation on stake. Hence we undertake the following services:

Demo : Once we sell the product, a professional from our team goes to the buyers house/ venture in order to give a complete and thorough demo about the product and the way it functions.

Transportation : Safety plays a pivotal role when we are transporting the product from our shop to the customer/ client's end. We ensure that the product reaches the destination without any damage or hindrance.

Delivery : Delivering the product on time is our specialty. We hate to keep our esteemed clients/ customers waiting hence we give utmost importance in delivering the product on time.

Complete sale and service of AMC air conditioner: Known for our apt services. We give cent percent performance in providing maintenance and complete service for AMC air conditioners.

Windows AC

Window AC is one of the most popular choices amongst masses as it can be easily installed and is available at economical rates. These air conditioners can be installed on any window or a a small opening in the room. They have their complete unit at one place. One can only view the face of the AC inside the room whereas, its machine protrudes behind the wall opening or the window opening depending on where you choose to install your window air conditioner. Available in various sizes and brands to choose from Window AC functions best in smaller rooms.

Split AC

Split AC's are in vogue taking into considerations its sleek and attractive body. Split air conditioners are compact consume less space and are very effective. Unlike the window AC, the split air conditioners do not have their complete unit in one place. These air conditioners have 2 units namely internal and external. As the name suggests the indoor unit is installed inside a room and it functions by taking in the warm air inside and it spreads cool air inside the room.

Cube Air Conditioner

This is a new variant in the air conditioner family. This is a smaller version of a split air conditioner and can be easily mounted near a ceiling or at a window level. The indoor unit has a uniquely designed diagonal fan which gives better cooling.

Cassette AC

These air conditioners have shapes like cassettes and are designed in such a way to be placed on ceilings. These air conditioners suit to all kinds of houses. The cassette Acs are ideal for larger spaces and excellent performance. Many of these types of air conditioners do not require ducting.

Tower AC

Tower Air Conditioners are also known as floor-standing air conditioners. Like split air conditioners, the tower air conditioners have 2 units namely internal and external. However, unlike split ac, the indoor unit of the tower ac occupies the space on floor of the room without being installed on a wall. They are suitable for huge rooms.

Ductable Unit

The General duct type air-conditioners are another variant in the air conditioner segment. These units are engineered to deliver consistent cooling. Irrespective of the high temperature outside the room the thermo sensor in the remote control ensures to give you powerful cooling and allows you to relax without feeling the pinch of outside heat. The biggest advantage of these ductable units is that, you can install the sensors at multiple locations in your office or any other huge space to suit your requirements.

Packages Unit

A packaged terminal air conditioner commonly known as PTAC. This type of unit is commonly seen in apartment buildings and hotels. In PTAC unit the condensate drain pipe is not required as the condensate water evaporates .


The FCU is a part of HVAC system and used to control the temperature where it is fixed. These are economic installations and mostly used in storage rooms, corridors, loading docks ,etc. The AHU is a device, which is utilized to condition and circulate the air in the buildings. It is a part of the HVAC system. We offer these Fan Coil Units and Air Handling Units at most affordable prices.


Chillers distribute the chilled water to coils, heat exchangers, air handling units or other types of terminal devices in order to cool the air in their respective spaces after which the water is circulated back to the chiller to be cooled again.

Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioners are known for providing cooling to large commercial spaces . With the addition of louver control boxes, these also provide multi-zone temperature control capability.

VRV & VRF Units

Refrigerant is utilized by VRF as the medium for heating and cooling. A single outdoor condensing unit is connected to multiple indoor fan-coil units (FCUs) by the VRF. While modulating the amount of refrigerant that is sent to each evaporator these are controllable by its users individually.

We are one of the most dedicated and efficient team of professionals who provide complete and accurate maintenance and repair services for air conditioners.

Complete customer satisfaction by delivering cent percent accurate service is what Amit Aircone services always strives for.